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We provide farmers around the world with the foundation for a sustainable and secure future: bovine semen, embryos and breeding stock with top Austrian genetics.

Our company is the official brand for marketing the best Austrian cattle genetics abroad.

geneticAUSTRIA GmbH
The export organisation of your insemination stations


  • Quality - Top genetics from Austria
  • Innovation - Technology & science
  • Loyalty - Support for our customers
  • Openness to the world - Without any geographical or linguistic barriers
  • Social responsibility - People, environment and animals
  • Environmental awareness - Sustainability and respect for the environment
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We offer a wide range of bulls to meet all your needs. Our insemination stations stock a large selection of the best tested and genomic bulls of various breeds, genetically polled bulls, SpermVital semen with a longer lifespan, as well as sexed semen for the best possible insemination results.


Export of embryos with top-quality genetics to all parts of the world. We select the best donor cows with the best genetics and the highest yields from the breeding programme and mate them with semen from the best bulls that are currently available.


The most direct way to get our genetics. We offer you the best animals for breeding, such as calves, pregnant heifers, dairy cows and breeding bulls. We purchase these at auctions by Austrian breeding associations or directly from the farms of our breeders.

Our breeds

Austrian cattle breeds: Efficiency at the highest level!

The perfect combination between cattle breeding and Austrian culture

As an additional element of customer service, we offer visits to Austrian cattle breeding farms, cattle auctions, insemination stations, combined with an additional tourism program as part of our Agro-Tourism program "AgroTour."

  • Customer care through the agrotourism programme, "AgroTour", with visits to Austrian cattle farms, cattle auctions, insemination stations, the cattle trade fair and cattle shows.
  • An agricultural sightseeing programme combined with an additional tourism offer.
  • Unique experience that provides insights into Austrian agriculture and animal husbandry
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The farmer-based support organisations have been shaping cattle breeding in Europe and beyond for decades.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our dedicated team will gladly assist and advise you comprehensively on the selection of the best cattle genetics.

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